Today’s Generation Speaks a Different Language

 Here’s an appropriate reply to my posting just previously,  which included an anthem for the “Silent Generation” of the fifties.

If you can access the VIMEO video (a typographical poem by Taylor Mali with animation by Ronnie Bruce) you will experience a great treat or maybe will want to throw it all in the first empty toilet.  I owe Cousin Bob– of Champaign fame (he’s  a bit older than I, quite a bit)–a “thank you” for sending this to me.

Mali describes his peers as part of “the most aggressively inarticulate generation to come along you know since a long time ago.”   That’s a great ironic statement,  no?  The visual part of this (one term for it is “concrete poetry”) can become quite addictive.

Let me know what you think.  (Most of us aren’t yet quite old enough to feel. . . .)   Maybe you’ve got something you’d like to share in the way of a great declarative sentence or perhaps even a poem that you like,  one that would probably not be familiar to many, if any,  of the ill-fated contributors to this blog.  You may even have composed it yourself . . . .




4 Responses to “Today’s Generation Speaks a Different Language”

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  2. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Like, you know, waaaayy cool, man, right?

  3. chitownjoe Says:

    Dig it man. Is that Bruce dude related to Lenny from our good ole days, dude? Like you know, most likely, not.

  4. Tammy Stephens Says:


    Happy Valentine’s Day!
    Merci du beng un ami merveilleux.

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