Oh, The Agony!

Once again, late this morning,  it came to my attention, unavoidably and perhaps inevitably.

Why?  Why do I keep coming across mistakes in spelling or malapropisms that could be or probably are an embarrassment to the publisher as well as to the intended audience.

In the late morning as we were coming into the “Country Fish Fry” in Hope Mills for our lunch,  the headline in the current issue,  just out today,  caught my eye and prompted a groan.    The front page’s cover pictured impressively the retiring President of Methodist University and had for a title this groaner:                        A LEGACY OF EXCELLANCE                               As James Thurber used to scrawl in the hallways of The New Yorker where he worked for several years,  “TOO LATE!  TOO LATE!  TOO LATE!”  Too late to correct this issue’s misspelling on the cover, for it was clear that distributions of  Up and Coming Weekly had already occurred. That a respected University’s heritage was the topic only made the gaffe that much more agonizing for all involved,  including the publication’s readers.

I was reminded of a couple of boo-boos of similar provenance and like embarrassment that took place on the campus of what is now “The University of North Carolina at Pembroke.”  One of these was seen in posted announcements not too long after the Chavis Student Center had been dedicated and put to full use:  “No Smoking in Pubic Areas of the Student Center.”   Aaaaaaarghhhhhh!

Another occurred in an announcement of tryouts for a play by a famous Norwegian playwright,  and it went something like this:  “Tryouts For A Doll’s House by Henry Gibson Will be Held [on such and such a date at such and at time]. ”  I believe that Henry Gibson was actually one of the actors in a satiric TVweekly series of that time: “Laugh-In.”

In sum,  somebuddy has to be carful about making carless misteaks!



2 Responses to “Oh, The Agony!”

  1. tom Says:

    Do misteaks come from heifers?

  2. Tammy Stephens Says:

    Only bulls.

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