Roll On, Thou Mighty Woods, Roll On

Just a suggestion:

Read my original posting,  “When Will Tiger Come Out Of the Woods?” and the several comments following,  two of which are mine.

Then join forces and unite to clean up the debris that is fouling and muddling up what we still continue to call “civilization” and “America” and “Christianity.”



3 Responses to “Roll On, Thou Mighty Woods, Roll On”

  1. CICvet Says:

    Elvis, Sinatra, Guvnor A, Senator B, ad nauseum, shared sleeping bags with everything but the Grinch — and seemed to revel in the notoriety. So Tiger got caught by the tail (for pursuing same). Big deal. His footprint is his remarkable talent as an athlete and, to me and most, his encouragement to the younger ones — black, brown, yellow, red, white, and anyone in between. I don’t give a rodent’s posterior about his dalliance. That’s none of my business. Thank you. PS: I can’t under- stand why Nancy Grace hasn’t demanded the death sentence.

  2. CICvet Says:

    @ understand

  3. Raymond Rundus Says:

    December 7, 5:10 p.m.

    A quick addition to this posting. A physicist friend of mine has come across a story in a newspaper in the United Kingdom that offers some unusual information about the suddenly-increased popularity of an out-of-print book that was photographed in the back seat of Tiger Woods’s Escalade sometime after his accident. Kind of a very apt illustration of my observation about Mr. Woods being a global phenomenon.

    See below:

    To see this story with its related links on the site, go to

    Tiger Woods drives sales of physics book sky-high

    A photograph showing a copy of Get A Grip On Physics by John Gribbin on the floor of Tiger Woods’s wrecked SUV has seen the book rocket up Amazon’s bestseller chart

    Richard Lea
    Saturday December 5 2009


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