A Bit of Antonymania

Hope you are having/will have a very nice week.  Weather continues to be moderate.  However, the drought intensifies.  Maybe “Ida”  will pay us a visit with some good rain.  But,  as I think Gene Smith notes, “Ida know.”

Much pain and suffering in our country and in our community this past week.  Let us honor our veterans while hoping their sacrifices are never in vain.

How about a little game with antonyms?   You know, words that are are opposite in meaning.  We’ll stick to nouns,  verbs, and adjectives.

(Sidebar:  some dictionaries do provide antonyms as well as synonyms in the definitions area,  but these are, from what I know,  little used today, if at all.  I would recommend that you, as a serious and still relatively young writer and reader,  try to acquire the most recent edition of Roget’s International Thesaurus.  Peter Mark Roget (1779-1869) is obviously long gone, and yet his important legacy lives on.  As the most recent editor,  Robert L. Chapman, says in his preface,  “. . . Roget’s International Thesaurus can help you in countless ways to improve your writing and speech and to enrich your active vocabulary.”   Professor Readycure concurs and recommends.)

Don’t take the easy way out by adding or subtracting un- as a prefix.  For example, don’t make the antonym of “pleasant”  “unpleasant.”  In any event, you are restricted to choosing your antonyms from the random list of 20 in the first “Comments”  section.

I will give you a couple of days to find, from the random order  of words  in my “Comments” space,what you believe to be the best matches of the words opposite in meaning to fit in the “blanks.”  There are eight in the “Easy” category,  seven in the “Advanced” category and two in the “Bonus” round.

Should you get seven to ten right (without consulting a dictionary or a thesaurus) , Professor Readycure would anoint you as adequately literate.  If you get anywhere from eleven to fifteen right,  he would endorse you as highly literate.  If you get all seventeen right, Professor Readycure would send you to Ben Stein for further recognition.

You might wish to enter the contest via e-mail (rjrundus@infionline.net) so as not to reveal your superior literacy to your fellows by giving them some freebies.  But there is honor among most scholars, if not among thieves.  Here we go!

1.  The opposite of “love”  is _________.

2.  The opposite of “light”  is ________.

3.  The opposite of “dawn”  is _________.

4.  The opposite of “full” is _________.

5. The opposite of “big spender”  is _________.

6. The opposite of “liberate”  is __________.

7. The opposite of “grasp”  is ___________.

8.  The opposite of “fall short”  is _________.

Here are the “Advanced” problems:

9.  The opposite of “altruism”  is __________.

10. The opposite of “exhilarate”  is  __________.

11. The opposite of “slow down” is ___________.

12.  The opposite of “advance”  is ___________.

13.  The opposite of “concise”  is ____________.

14.   The opposite of “exacerbate”  is ____________.

15.  The opposite of “drab”  is _____________.

And here are the two “Bonus” problems:

16.  The opposite of “plethora”  is ___________.

17.  The opposite of “litotes” is _____________.

NOTE:  Even though some of these words,  maybe even most, might have more than one identifiable antonym,  you must choose a word from the list of twenty (three are dead ends, obviously, thrown in just for an increased “entertainment value”) in the first “Comments” section.

Thanks for your time (I rather despise that line used following an interview).



32 Responses to “A Bit of Antonymania”

  1. Raymond Rundus Says:

    Here are the possible answers to the 17 problems in “Antonymania.” Keep in mind that three of these below are “dead ends.”

    succeed empty wordy imprison dearth hate accelerate

    unfull gaudy depress miser encourage retreat hyperbole

    release dark perjury ameliorate egotism dusk

  2. Tammy Stephens Says:

    Enjoyed the breakfast. You guys are wonderful company, and a joy to be around.

  3. CICvet Says:

    “What’s another word for thesaurus?” — Steven Wright

  4. CICvet Says:

    exhilarate, reconcile with Ms Clinton.

  5. Jeff Thompson Says:

    1- hate
    2- dark
    3- dusk
    4- empty
    5- miser
    6- hold captive
    7- lose
    8- achieve
    9- selfishness
    11-speed up

  6. fayettenam hoe Says:

    This is the Hoe’s wife with just a few comments on this and another’s blog. Here goes: hate,dark,dusk,empty,miser,imprison,release,encourage,perjury,dearth,accelerate,retreat,hyperbole,ameliorate,gaudy,dearth,wordy. I learned a few new words along the way and always enjoy any “educational” experience. Of course I probably am wrong with a few of my choices and await correction. My other comment has to do with the blog of Jeff Thompson’s that was “pulled” due to the FO stance on “Political Correctness” and NOT Freedom of Speech. While it is true that the nature of blogging has most to do with personal opinion and statements that sometimes examine humanities utter darkness, I none the less was rather taken aback by comments made by “A Casual Observer”, since several of the printed comments of other readers made concerning the horrific murder/suicide of the Maxwells were quite graphic opinions. In other words, one of those “Rogue Bloggers” was obviously my husband who’s comments were gladly pulled. Look up the definition and antonym of ROGUE! The definition is quite the antithesis of who my husband is; while the antonym likely puts him in a bit of a too “heavenly” light….cheat,savage devil,rapscallion and scoundrel, apparently more truly defines the personality of Mr. Maxwell. Will the FO continue to “patrol the bloggosphere” or let real feelings flow? My husband went to school with Mr. Maxwell. He commented to me only the fact that he seemed empty then and apparently never got the help he needed. Very sad indeed. So, FO, will “the Heavy Burden” of censoring posts keep someone in your newsroom gainfully employed? Or will they be layed off because “fluffy, pretty news” will become your continued mantra?

  7. Lolly Says:

    Delightful rant (and handle), “Hoe,” but I don’t think anyone here can help you with your complaints. A letter to the editor might be a better outlet.

  8. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    No cheating.

    1. The opposite of “love” is _____ hate ____.

    2. The opposite of “light” is _____ dark ___.

    3. The opposite of “dawn” is ____ dusk _____.

    4. The opposite of “full” is ___ empty ______.

    5. The opposite of “big spender” is ___ miser ______.

    6. The opposite of “liberate” is ____ imprison ______.

    7. The opposite of “grasp” is ____ release _______.

    8. The opposite of “fall short” is ____ succeed _____.

    Here are the “Advanced” problems:

    9. The opposite of “altruism” is ___ egotism _______.

    10. The opposite of “exhilarate” is ____ depress ______.

    11. The opposite of “slow down” is ___ accelerate ________.

    12. The opposite of “advance” is ___ retreat ________.

    13. The opposite of “concise” is ______ wordy ______.

    14. The opposite of “exacerbate” is _____ ameliorate _______.

    15. The opposite of “drab” is _____ gaudy ________.

    And here are the two “Bonus” problems:

    16. The opposite of “plethora” is ___ dearth .

    17. The opposite of “litotes” is _____ hyperbole ________.

  9. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    Do I get a winky button?

  10. fayettenam hoe Says:

    Thanks Lolly for the comment but Letters to the Editor have their drawbacks also, as proper PC proceedures must be maintained. Every once in awhile when I feel the need to make a comment concerning current events or others’ statements I’ll just blog along with the others….Censorship or not. Besides, aren’t the “Editors” reading the blogs also? Mr. Rundus, I attempted your “Antonym quiz” without referring to a Thesaurus, but had to use the process of elimination on a couple, i.e. guesswork. I was curious after I finished though and had to find out how “wrong” my answers might be and did look those last two up. People’s vocabularies are getting rather limited these days and many should try to learn more than they seem to be doing. What’s happening to our so-called education system? My husband told me, “I fell for the trap”, but I told him it would be good for him to learn a few new and nicer words himself so that maybe he wouldn’t get his comments totally eradicated so often. A little funny except that because going to school in Fayettenam was such an awful experience for him he stopped learning a better vocabulary long before he should have. Schools should never be a horrible place to go yet from what I read less and less children are graduating from High School. What happens when that tragedy begins to bare fruit? I know, four-letter words and expressions become the norm and censorship ends!

  11. Lolly Says:

    Hoe, if you’re going to use this particular blog for your rants, a little more attention to grammar and diction would be appreciated. Please read the “About this Blog” description at upper-right.

    Fewer and fewer children, not less and less.

    Bear fruit, not bear.

    And no, the editors appear not to check in with this blog. If you write to them, they may not print it but they will read it.

  12. Gregory Phillips Says:

    Looks like Daryl’s nailed it, but I would like to point out that it has been said that dark is not the opposite of light, merely the absence of it. And I’ve often wondered if indifference is a better antonym for love. But then I suppose indifference is more like the absence of love, so I just stumbled into the trap I just set.

  13. Forest Crump Says:

    1. The opposite of “love” is Hate
    2. The opposite of “light” is Dark.
    3. The opposite of “dawn” is Dusk.
    4. The opposite of “full” is Empty.
    5. The opposite of “big spender” is Miser.
    6. The opposite of “liberate” is Imprison.
    7. The opposite of “grasp” is Release.
    8. The opposite of “fall short” is Succeed.
    Here are the “Advanced” problems:
    9. The opposite of “altruism” is Egotism.
    10. The opposite of “exhilarate” is Depress.
    11. The opposite of “slow down” is Accelerate.
    12. The opposite of “advance” is Retreat.
    13. The opposite of “concise” is Wordy.
    14. The opposite of “exacerbate” is Encourage.
    15. The opposite of “drab” is Gaudy.
    And here are the two “Bonus” problems:
    16. The opposite of “plethora” is dearth.
    17. The opposite of “litotes” is Hyperbole.

    Now I am going to look at Jeff’s answers, I figure that a journalists will get them all correct…that was fun.

  14. Forest Crump Says:

    Looks like my answers are more aligned with Daryl’s but that stands to reason because he is more liberal than Jeff, which is more akin to my way of thinking.

    I do not want anyone to think that I am a liberal because I am not—I’m a nonviolent anarchist.

  15. Tammy Stephens Says:

    Forest is liberal! Oh my! 😯
    Sorry couldn’t resist! 😆

  16. Raymond Rundus Says:




    Keep up the good work!

  17. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    Forest and I are perfectly correlated. Since I was first I claim he peaked over my shoulder, Teacher. 🙂

  18. Daryl Cobranchi Says:


  19. fayettenam hoe Says:

    Prof Rundus: The Hoe’s Wife with her low grade of being highly literate won’t fill up your blog any longer with my rants. Thanks for your patience. I only wanted to try within your forum to address a few Language/Free Speech issues. And Lolly, I’ve been told by many that I am an excellent “Communicator” but proper grammar and diction has been my downfall. My college research papers always looked like they came down with chicken pox after I turned them in, I wish I had known a proof reader. So it’s few and fewer not less and less, but “bear fruit?” Prof. Rundus do bear’s bare fruit? I’ve been out of school for awhile. The Hoe’s Wife———–

  20. Forest Crump Says:

    Not exactly Daryl, #14 is different and I think yours is correct.

    To neither engage in nor promote a rant on Raymond’s blog, I can’t resist a reply to the Hoe’s comment, “… because going to school in Fayettenam was such an awful experience for him he stopped learning a better vocabulary long before he should have”

    That is really a pitiful excuse as most excuses are. Blame the school system because you stop learning. My bet is that most all of you and your husbands problems are caused by outside sources and neither of you are the cause of any of them.

  21. Jeff Thompson Says:

    Outside the rules?????

  22. fayettenam hoe Says:

    Oh Gee….It’s a such a rainy night, but everyone Forest needs to recognize the negative in order to accentuate the postive. There seem’s to be a lot of blind leading the blind out there and humanity continues to suffer. To make things worse, language and knowledge are also too quickly following suit. My husband and I have many friends and family who attended different school’s in Fayetteville and Cumberland County. There are no superlative memories to be had. Why? I never attended school here so I have no personal knowledge of why. My husband dropped out of Terry Sanford, obtained his GED at Fayetteville Tech and moved on. He graduated before his TS class did. It seems we are both cursed because we seem to constantly recognize when things are bad and walls go up; yet blessed to both be in such a very good place together. We have been beset with problems we caused and then we solved them. That’s called living and learning. Prof. Rundus: “We don’t exacerbate, we ameliorate. It’s a shame there aren’t more altruistic people out there.” Did I use those correctly or have I totally goofed this up? Thanks. The Hoe’s Wife———–

  23. Raymond Rundus Says:

    Wow. Wowee. Wowzers.

    Quite a collection of responses here, quite a few being on target. Some seem to be chewing a wad of Dentyne, swapping stories, and walking a bit of a crooked line, all at the same time. A few comments:
    (1) CIC Vet: Mr. Wright is a funny/witty man, the best we have in place of the dearly departed George Carlin. And, yes, I don’t know of a synonym for “Thesaurus” either, save perhaps for the phrasal “A Dictionary of Synonyms.”
    (2) Mr. Thompson: to explain playing “outside the rules”: you brought in words in your last responses that were not in the list I had provided.
    (3) Mr. Phillips waxed a bit philosophical, but he has a good point about “indifference” being the opposite of “love.” We do speak of people being in a “love-hate” relationship, however, not in a “love-indifference” one. (But, hey, maybe she is just not into me.) And, I would think it a bit awkward to say, “Hmmm, it’s getting absent of light. Guess I’ll go to bed.”
    (4) And yes indeed, as Gregory and Forest Crump did ascertain, Daryl Cobranchi did nail the answers (“encourage” is not quite an antonym for “exacerbate,” Forest, as you decided later), and he at least must now confess his superior literacy to one and all, but perhaps most especially to Ben Stein. Most of us recall the program, “Get Ben Stein’s Money” (no?) from ten or twelve years ago. Now Mr. Stein is making a few more bucks doing some rather memorable TV ads. He has also been at times a memorable columnist. And what was the movie that made him initially a “celebrity”?
    (4) Fayettenam Hoe’s wife: I hope you won’t get discouraged or beat up about your perceptions or values. While you do seem fond of making existentialist statements more than (I first wrote “instead of”) zeroing in on attainable goals, your writing–the more I read it–does begin to interest and entertain, rather than frustrate, those within eyesight. Just the fact that you are dissatisfied with the way things have gone or are going does not give you free license to “punch out” (either in words or acts) those different from you. And city hall will always be city hall, and the schoolhouse, the schoolhouse, the Marines, the Marines.

    I truly believe that the most heroic attainment of any human being is to authenticate himself as a unique and worthy person.

    I’ll post a few juicy ones from the local press ere long . . . .


  24. Jeff Thompson Says:

    Sorry Doc…didn’t read the RULES…just took stabs.

  25. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    “And what was the movie that made him initially a ‘celebrity’?”

    Beuller? Bueller?

  26. fayettenam hoe Says:

    ray rufus say; “I truly believe that the most heroic attainment of any human being is to authenticate himself as a unique and worthy person.”, your goat not mine

  27. fayettenam hoe Says:

    your town of hypocracy will forever undue its self, from the crotch down, your leaders robbed fayetteville of its past, “they dig holes and still can not fill them in” how fast does the money talk, in the hole sum goodness of the fayettenam trap

  28. fayettenam hoe Says:

    the hoe’s wife needs her own stabbing weapon

  29. fayettenam hoe Says:

    to play a game; question 1, admire, # 2 desire # 3 hope,number r4 tired

  30. Raymond Rundus Says:

    What “goat,” please? Is that the kind that faint, as in the current movie starring George Clooney?


  31. Kristian Mattias Says:

    I was studying something else about this on another blog. Interesting. Your linear perspective on it is diametrically opposed to what I read earlier. I am still reflecting over the diverse points of view, but I’m tipped heavily toward yours. And no matter, that’s what is so good about modernized democracy and the marketplace of thoughts online.

  32. Ziya Fortunato Says:

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