The 100 Essential Books You Should Have Read in College

Follow the link below for a very interesting guide to the subject indicated in my title.  The classifications are also valuable to follow.  And the range of works covers from “The Iliad” to Malcolm Gladwell’s “The Tipping Point.”

When you complete your reading, let me know, and I will post your reports on this blog site. . . .




9 Responses to “The 100 Essential Books You Should Have Read in College”

  1. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    The attack on the Western Canon and white malehood continues. The list contains a lot of PCC (Politically Correct Crap).

    I’m not sure all these books were around when I was in college. Besides, who has time to read anything that isn’t assigned.

  2. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Seriously, If I were starting out on a reading list, I would look first at the syllabi for Columbia University’s freshman and sophomore courses, Literature Humanities and Contemporary Civilization.

  3. Lolly Says:



    The list is so devoid of non-white, non-male authors that they have a special category (of fewer than 10 titles!) for “Nonwestern, Minority and Female Authors.”

    Here are the course descriptions for the courses you mentioned. Scroll down for the syllabus of each. You’ll no doubt be relieved to find them similarly loaded with white dudes.

    I will say a little prayer for your struggling, downtrodden people. Oh, how you’ve suffered!

  4. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Tee hee! About 15 years ago I started on Columbia’s list and expanded from there. Academia’s assault on the Western Canon was well underway at the time and probably began about 30 years ago. For instance, I recall that some plays of Sophocles or other classical works were replaced by the fragments of Sapho’s work. She was the the poetess from the Island of (guess where) Lesbos.

    Hey Lolly, maybe if we really get into a fuss, we can meet the President! 😉

  5. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    And thanks for the link to Columbia. I see that I spelled Sappho wrong, but now they have her as an option not a requirement. Interesting.

  6. Lolly Says:

    “Hey Lolly, maybe if we really get into a fuss, we can meet the President!”

    Heh, you and he can enjoy a beer while I struggle to come up with a fair-trade, woman-owned, environmentally friendly pinot grigio. 😉

  7. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    I think his choice of Bud Light was to show he is in touch with the common man, therefore dowgrading his Ivy League education.

    I majored in accounting so all of my Ivy League education came after college.

  8. Raymond Rundus Says:

    I think the idea of a curriculum in a university or college based upon the “Great Books” concept came at the University of Chicago with the principles of ol’ whats-his-name as primary mover.
    St. Johns College in Minn. also had for a long time such a curriculum and is still somewhat driven by that concept, so far as I have learned, which isn’t very much.
    Harold Bloom’s “The Western Canon: The Books and School of the Ages,” which MFCPA purchased at my suggestion, is dominated by works written by dead white males. Until the past fifty years or so, of course, there was little attention being paid to the works in English (let alone any “native languages”) of African-Americans, women, Latinos and Latinas, etc. Maybe in another hundred years or so, they will be given the full respect and consideration they deserve.


  9. chartered accountants Says:

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