“Tom Swift” Strikes Again!

Going on vacation to the Lake Lure area tomorrow for a week with the missus, she being now so called that for fifty years since our marriage at the Stuttgart Town Hall on June 4, 2009.

Someone said in a 1928 silent movie (“The Crowd”) I watched on TCM the other night,  “Marriage isn’t just a word.  It’s a sentence.”  Well, if so, so be it. I’ll hope for a pardon from President Obama as his first term ends with the new elections in late 2012. . . .

Some of my more faithful and longterm readers (such as Marshall Faircloth and Frank Maness) may recall the “Tom Swiftly” competitions I ran on this “blog” two or three times. Well, here’s your chance to compete in a New York Times  national competition.  Cousin Bob brought this to my attention:  go to the link below and post your sentence.   I would suppose that you could enter more than once. . . .

Best to all,


Schott’s Vocab: Weekend Competition: Tom Swifties 


5 Responses to ““Tom Swift” Strikes Again!”

  1. Daryl Cobranchi Says:

    Congrats. And I think you meant 1959 not 2009. 🙂

  2. Tammy Stephens Says:

    Congratulations Be safe and have fun!

  3. Frank B Maness,Jr. Says:

    Marshall has the knowledge to follower the adventures of “Tom Swift”! I’m a good yes man!! Competition is out of the picture for me these days! It makes for a easier life!!

    Congratuations on 50 years and counting to you and the missus!!!

  4. Forest Crump Says:

    Congratulations on your 50th anniversary, your wife is a remarkable person to have put up with you for 50 years.

  5. Raymond Rundus Says:

    Thanks to all for the good wishes. Daryl C., I guess I notched a “2009” in there because it all seemed as if it had happened yesterday. Or maybe the day after! Har.
    Our really amazing daughter (“Doctory” whose birthday is today) surprised us on their arrival at our retreat near Lake Lure by bringing a fully loaded, two-story anniversary cake with a framed photo taken in Stuttgart fifty years ago. We’re still workin’ on it. Maybe there will be enough left for a special treat at our September Bloggers Breakfast!



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