An Approxinym Sprouts in the “Sunflower State”

I blush to admit that my native state of Kansas is too often in the news for displays of radical conservative or evangelical nonsense: such as the splinter church in Topeka that sends out its faithful ones to protest at military funerals,  believing that God was responsible for the deaths in Iraq or Afghanistan,  asserting that American soldiers are being punished for the rampant homosexuality in these United States.  The Kansas lawmakers have also brought forward legislation to prevent the teaching of evolution (without also presenting the alternate gospel of creationism) in the public schools of Kansas (shades of the Scopes Trial in Dayton,  TN, in the 1920s).

The latest evidence of somebody’s (or maybe a bunch of somebodies) being asleep at the wheel of the Kansas “deciders” came in an AP story last week.   If you read it, it had to do with a standardized test question that had been used in the high schools and was printed and used for a year or so until a 17-year-old student pointed out that the word “omission” had been used in one item instead of “emission.”

I think it unfortunate that the entire problem was not published.  But I suspect it had to do with garbling of a  phenomenon in physics rather than with a mistake in presenting a term commonly used to describe a night-time male sexual experience . . . .

Anybody out there have more detailed information?



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