A Punny Story + A Bonus


I’m afraid I am starting or maybe continuing an alarming trend here.  Anyway,  have you heard this one?

Seems as if the specialized doctors at a medical facility were having a difficult time treating severe cases of constipation.  One of their number had heard of a “witch doctor” type of healer who lived and practiced his skills in the rain forests of South America.

So, after having volunteered to go investigate, he brought the native healer back to the hospital complex, along with a supply of ferns that the healer used for his medicine.  The other doctors were of course skeptical about the situation until their colleague said,  “With these fronds, who needs enemas?”

Kind of reminds me of a story that Congressman Charlie Rose told many years ago at a gathering in Pembroke.  Mr. Rose said that a preacher was getting concerned that his sermons were becoming stale and predictable, and so he decided on a new, exciting endeavor.

“Fellow believers,”  he addressed the congregants the next Sunday,  “I am going to try a new tactic to liven up the Sunday sermon and make it more interesting.  I want each of you, as you leave the sanctuary, to put in the box by the door a topic you would like to see addressed in one of my sermons.  And I promise to pull from the box each of the next ten Sundays one of the topics to preach upon that day.”

Excited and enthusiastic, and having a much larger crowd than usual, the preacher, at the appropriate time the following Sunday,  brought forth the box and with much fanfare reached in and pulled out one of the topics.  He opened it up and read it aloud:  “Constipation.”

The preacher looked concerned and baffled and asked for a minute of quiet meditation.  Then, smiling, he opened his Bible to a passage in the Old Testament and read,  “And Moses took two tablets and went up into the hills alone.”

Hey,  don’t blame me.  I didn’t make up any of this!



3 Responses to “A Punny Story + A Bonus”

  1. Frank B Maness,Jr. Says:

    Moses brought two tablets down the hill that he got from the great physican to give to the people that was full of it so bad it was killing them but the people were so full of it they couldn’t see. This is just another side effect of being full of it. Constipation has no respect of persons!!

  2. Xfriend Says:

    I might pick on the Mayor of Hope Mills but I’m leaving Moses alone. Although I’m always on the lookout for a burning bush.

  3. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Talk about a pun!

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