William Safire on Profanities, Obscenities, etc.

Son Ron suggests that Mr. Safire, perhaps the premier American lexicographer of out time, has been reading my blog on the N-word, F-word, and so on.

Very doubtful, Ron.  However, here is the link from Ron to Mr. Safire’s erudite, yet casually written, column:


RJR  (and many thanks to all and best wishes for a very Happy New Year!)


2 Responses to “William Safire on Profanities, Obscenities, etc.”

  1. Marena Groll Says:

    Is it just me or did this article just end? I’m looking for a concluding summary. Something. Anything.

  2. Raymond Rundus Says:

    Dear Marena Groll,

    If you are referring to Safire’s column rather than to my headnote to it, I just would respond that Safire does tend to write in paragraphs that are miniessays in themselves. He often incorporates the comments or queries of readers into his writing as he tries to extend the discussion of a word or of a gaggle of related words a bit further. Seldom is a “last word” possible in these situations and thus perhaps the sense of the lack of wrapping up an essay tidily in the conventional sense.
    If you are referring to my head note, I admit I dashed it off rather hastily while in the midst of a family gathering centered around both the New Year and our granddaughter’s fourth birthday.

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