More Homonymania!

I don’t go out just looking for homonym errors in “the press.”  They just seem to jump out at me from dark corners of columns and reports.

Here are two more and very recent ones indeed:

From Monday November 17, in a column written by an occasional (attributor or contributor)?  As follows:  “Many, no doubt would contribute it [a decline in the writer’s listening skills] to age.”

From Wednesday November 19 (today) in a blurb about the 2009 Ace Hardward Coupon Calendar on the first inside page of the “Local State” section:  “Like to horde coupons?”

Two more examples to bolster a possible petition to both Microsoft and Corel asking for the development of a homonym checker!

Can you both identify and explain the homonym error in these two examples?



6 Responses to “More Homonymania!”

  1. pen Says:


    I just saw one: “And now, without further adieu…”

  2. Yes but .... Says:

    On what planet are contribute and attribute homonyms?

    I keep seeing phase/faze errors in newspapers. Drives me batty!

  3. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Ok, ‘their’ not homonyms but ‘they’re’ confused ‘alot’.

    God help the English language when people stop reading altogether.

  4. pen Says:

    I saw the “adieu” mistake on a blog, which may not count. I also see “tow the line” a lot.

  5. Daft as Lights Says:

    Whenever I see “tow the line,” I wonder “Where to?”

  6. Marshall Faircloth Says:

    Too funny! On the other hand, it’s not all that funny. One of the regrets of my otherwise uneventful life is that my signature is on the HS diploma of a number of functional illiterates.

    As they say, “doctors get to bury their mistakes, educators get to see theirs walking around to haunt them.”

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